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I totally agree - when I can afford a decent printer I will be only too happy to sell as many repros as possible - I don't see the point in being po-faced about it, nor could I afford to be; at the end of the day, one should be flattered that anyone at all wants to look at our work day in day out. And many people can only afford a print. As well, it gets your images 'out there' and your name. Who knows who might see it?

Always assuming there is that much demand for one's work, of course...


As someone who can't do anything with paint, other than the odd door or wall...I have utmost respect for those who can, and I have my own tastes...into which yours falls.

I have a mix of prints and original paintings, art photographs and those we all collect about us. It's my mix, and I know I can't afford to buy all originals, but those I covet I am not too proud to buy as prints...the artist has given me the still has part of that artist within it, and why be excluded from something special for lack of funds...

Long may you continue to sell your work your's beautiful in all.

Michala (kayla coo)

I agree with all you have written Gillian.
A limited print run gives more people the chance to own your work but it's still a rare and special item.x


As a consumer I like having the choice to purchase the original, if available, or a print. I think it's important to make art available to all people --encourages people to collect more as their income increases. --nice seeing you again!


I often feel really guilty about spending so much time on my computer, looking at blogs etc. but then I find post like this and it justifies my perceived time wasting (i.e not doing my artwork). You have put into words exactly what I believe. I don't think your prints are expensive, others are probably too cheap. I currently set my maximum edition size to 500 but am beginning to rethink this from what you said above.

My background is in printmaking but when I finished my MA I no longer had access to any printmaking facilities so started working in a different way. Like Gillian I invested in a really good A3 printer (HP B9180) so I could continue on working and have control over the way my work was produced.

No matter how I say this it might come out as sour grapes (me with my 3 sales!) but here goes - the most successful on line sellers, especially on Etsy sell open editions of very similar work, that is their choice, but to me it just feels like churning stuff out, and as a buyer why would I want one of thousands?

Now I am the one who is beginning to ramble, yes I suffer from that disease. Better shut up now!

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