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Well I'll be brave and jump in first! I really relate to what you say about needing to be alone and I am just the same. Perhaps because I am similar to you in personality, I often shy away from sad things - tv programmes, books, people even - there is a sort of fear that I will become overwhelmed. For this reason on an emotional level I find it hard to connect with your little people, although artistically I am full of appreciation for them. I like the fact that you make stories and whole worlds for them very much. But for me, I guess I wouldn't want to own one because it might feel a bit like a bad luck charm - a happy doll would tempt me very much though! Hope this is of some interest to you.


Oh I love them. I think they help one relate to those times when we are retrospective. I also love alone time. I can function just fine in crowds of people...but I'm quite happy to amuse myself. Probably comes from being an only child.


I really love your characterdolls and i like them just as they are. They dont have to smile. Seems like they tell me story's. Please keep them as you do, they're so beautiful.


yey, that has cheered me up a bit, the comment on my blog, at least I sold something yesterday!! How about you??

Michala (kayla coo)

They have wistful,sweet faces.


There is something 'other world-ly' about them, they have a depth although they do seem meloncholy. All your work seems to have those qualities and yes, I do like.

amy dufour

i think i'm getting to this conversation rather late but wanted to say:
i adore your character dolls exactly the way they are!
they are unique and i find their stories enchanting.
i guess i'm melancholic or misanthropic because i would love to spend my days tending to injured hedgehogs and collecting flowers on the grounds of my centuries old estate.
what a wonderful world that would be!
can you imagine telling poe or plath to lighten the mood a bit...if they had i doubt we'd know their names today : )
**your work is terrific**

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