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This is such an interesting and encouraging post, thank you! It's good to read about how you see yourself in your creative role and I especially love what you say about 'seeing yourself' in everything that you make. I'm doing some thinking myself this holiday time and you've helped a lot to consolidate my thoughts. Thanks!


Hear Hear!!

SOunds like you have been doing a lot of thinking about what you want and what you are getting out of life, glad you are sharing it. See you soon I hope




Thanks for your comment. Hope you have a fantastic 2009. I'm sure I will be visiting your shop for some of your lovely prints. I get lots of comments on them.



This is a truly inspirational post. I totally agree with your sentiments and aspire to your success. I love your work which I first came across on flickr and I aspire to be a customer, your dolls are exquisire.


Best wishes for the coming year. A time of reflection and knowing what you've got, where you want to go...and the journey in between...


Amazing work...I adore your style :)

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