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Superbly put - I agree with every word! What a wonder it is when you finally begin to accept the way you are - for me it has taken over forty years. Thank you for sharing so eloquently how the creative process works.


beautiful painting. She reminds me of a dream I just had. Lovely.

I struggle with the same issue too-the "if I'm not painting everyday then I'm not a true artist" angst. But what you write is so so true. The pauses are just as important as the flurry of activity. I find that when I do take a pause (whether voluntarily or involuntarily) I always come back renewed, with a new perspective. We are creative everyday, every moment.

Wonderful post. Thank you.


Balancing time and energy is so difficult. You explained it really well, I feel the same way, but you manage to actually accomplish so much! Your work is really beautiful.


Thank you for visiting & for your comments, wow - you read it all. It is so good to discover other likeminded folk, who have been on a similar journey, as you have & it gives me hope. i loved reading your blog to. Thanks also for this entry, i breathed a huge sigh of relief, i am finally after sooo long, going to say i to am a constant artist, as i am always creating something (even if it is only inside my head sometimes). I used to tell myself that all the other things i did, were just messing about, when really they have been my exploring, experimenting processes! I so understand how you have been set free by this. thank you. Oops for making you miss Scotland so! It is a beautiful place to be, this is my 14th year, a dream i waited a long time for. I shall just have to post pics so you can dream some more. Congrats that your work has been accepted at the design factory! * Ruthie*


Amen! And congratulations! And soo well said!

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