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lora Hart

Ooh Congratulations Gillian! I had a car that almost died too. I was frantic 'cos I never would have been able to replace it at the time. The small, local shop down the street took it on and fixed it almost good as new. It lasted another two years! Hope yours does the same. Meanwhile, start a savings account just for a new car. Not repairs on this one. Not the light bill. Just a new car. Even if you only put in a few pounds at a time (I'm in L.A. and am not sure exactly where you live. Is it pounds?)

And thanks for stopping along the way and taking the lovely photos that you share here. I really think you should think about turning them into greeting cards and selling them on your site. I'd love to "visit" Briton through your lens.


Glad your car will see some more days! The flower photo is lovely.


Great news about the car! Sorry I haven't visited for a while, I've just been catching up with your past posts. And thanks so much for your lovely kind comments - I took your advice, had lots of tea, cake and music, and I seem to be improving :-)


Huzzah! Local mechanics are the best!
Looking forward to pictures from Derbyshire!


Hi there, just wondered how you got on at the Sneinton Fair? Hope it was a blinding success x

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