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I have very short, small hands myself. :) it's heriditary: my dad and granddad also have the small-hands thing going! but I sometimes feel so silly: my hands are actually slightly smaller than my petite sister (who is a full 4" shorter than I am!). lol!!

your cuff is lovely!! I just love how lacy and wispy it is--reminds me of a patch of queen anne's lace. :)


Your wrist cuff is pretty - I sympathise with the hands. My fingers are short and annoy me when I'm playing the fiddle. Gah.


I also sympathize with this. Everyone it seems has a part of them they wish they could change. For me, it is not simply a matter of short fingers, but short entire arms. I am a trombone player... and short arms do plague me haha.

I think your bracelet here is so very gorgeous! I also love the organic texture to it, with the dazzle of gold. Great work!


Ah, whatever your hands look like,they create very very beautiful things! Thank you for making me contact on Flickr, I would not have come accross your work otherwise! Best Wishes, Monika


Oh....that is beautiful! I'm having the same dilemma...pale skin and freckles don't, in my opinion, show off the beauty of my cuffs either. There must be an answer!

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