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wow. I have to tell you that these costumes are gorgeous! I love how you've interpreted the photographs...

sending you lots of good-luck wishes for finishing these up! I know how it is when you get close to the end, and feel so tired of the whole thing. ;) lol!


My God you have been busy creating loveliness! I am SURE they won't fall down, LOL. Good luck for the weekend, and then you can have a well earned rest I hope.

I might be up for that wool festival - Andy looked quite startled when I requested to go to Cumbria, (I am not a Lake District lover!) co-incidentally one of the days is my birthday which could be useful...

Karen Beth

It is all coming along so beautifully! Great work!


Those dance outfits are beautiful! I wish you great success....I'm sure the performance will go off without a hitch!


Goodness, I don't know how you do it. How many costumes again..? They're absolutely stunning. You won't need luck; the performance will be perfect and so will your costumes :-)


Wow! These look so good! I hope you ended up taking pictures of your beautiful costumes in motion! They look totally WONDERFUL on display in the photos. I love the gauzy, beautiful texture! How inspired :)

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