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hi Gillian I was really interested and excited to see your new felt works on flickr, I love feltmaking and these are just beautiful. I like how you have blended the colours and created a watercolour effect that is so you - reminds me of your paintings beautifully... I know exactly what you mean about the frustrations of working alone, it's great in some ways to get on by yourself but at the same time rather isolating, feeling about and never really knowing... having taken a new direction recently I know how daunting it can all feel. Take care and hope you enjoy your long weekend ahead.


I know exactly how you feel!! :p In fact, I'm having a bit of a "woe is me" day. Ick. It can be so frustrating and overwhelming to be a self-employed, creative type. As much as I like doing it, sometimes I just want to curl up in a ball and make it all go away. lol.

Oh, and I wanted to say congrats about your first gallery payment you mentioned in the previous post (I've been so bad about commenting lately, I know!)!!

Good luck with the flurry of work you have; just take a deep breath (perhaps scream a little bit--it helps!). You're not alone. :)


Hugs to you....and deep breaths. Great place is to scream in your car...especially in traffic with the radio turned up loudly!

Karen Beth

I'm here if you ever need to vent via email! Or any of us over at the TAW blog are available. We are all good for a bit of creative unloading. :)


i also understand how you feel. I am tired of being somewhat alone in my art as well, in a city that is too small. Tired of the 'little girl why would you want a blow torch, why don't you go paint a nice watercolour of the sky' type mentality. Not that there is anything wrong with watercolours and such, but there is more out there!

My own mini-vent here too. lol. I totally get how you are feeling, with being alone and such.

Your felt here looks great. What are you making with that project in the pic there, in the neutral tones? Looks awesome so far.

the old schoolhouse

you go girl we all need a sounding board now and again love your blog angie

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