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Yay for being true to your own aesthetics!! :) I've been "discovering" that same thing recently; when I try to do something that isn't really a reflection of me that it usually doesn't turn out right. But happily, I've found that those instances are when some of my best brainwaves come while trying to "fix" the creative misstep. hehe!! :)

Oh, and Happy Blogiversary!!! Hope you're having a lovely week. :)


I agree, you have to be yourself, I'm working on some new gocco card designs at the moment and I know that when I try to draw something that isn't me, they just don't work.
I love those fabric scrap bobby pins by the way :)


Did you get my email about the exhibition? I sent it to your hotmail address, but I notice you are using a different one here.

Zann Carter

Ah, what a good post - I need this reminder, too. There are so many amazing people making glorious things I often feel my own vision and voice are lacking. But what I know is that at a show or display of my pieces, people gravitate towards what is most my original design, rather than derivative work...
Happy New Year!

Karen Beth

The art that is you, my dear, is completely wonderful and beautiful and could be no better. I love that you stick to your authenticity. :)


I just happened to stumble across your blog, and it is quite lovely! I plan on visiting it again!!


yummy I love your cuffs so much. would adore wearing that. I think it would be magical if you turned your work into a doll. Hope to see one....just do it. It shant ake too long trust me. Would love to add you to my blog roll and hope to see you again. Thanks for stopping in my little part of the world. Mica


happy blogaversary!!!


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