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My goodness--sounds like you have been busy-busy! Best wishes with finishing the costume, getting all the stock prepared and the like. Also sending good wishes your way as regards to the "behind the scenes" situation. :)

I've been going through the very same situation with refining and prioritizing. I tend to bite off a lot more than I can chew, get overwhelmed, and then discouraged! :p I swear half the time its because I just love making things so much that I can't say no to a new project or idea. ;)

Hope you have a lovely weekend (and stay warm! :)!!


Sounds like you've been a busy lady lately :) I wish I could have come to London too, sounds like it was great.
Thank you again for my lovely goodies in the secret swap, I love them all.
Happy making for the next week and good luck for the fair. x

A Fanciful Twist

You and I are two peas in a pod. First of all, I am glad you trotted off to London, you mentor sounds wonderful!!! And yes I too am preparing for a show that is one week away and I am in total denial, sitting here visiting and in my pajamas at 1p.m. Have I lost it totally... I am simple frozen. Can't move... But I must.... Oh what is this... hee heeee... xoxoxoxoxo (PS have a couple spoonfuls for me, of the choco!!!)

Karen Beth

Wow! Sounds like you have been busy and have another busy week ahead of you. I know you can get it all done in time for the craft fair. The fair sounds like SO MUCH fun! I wish we had things like that around here.

Can't wait to see more pictures of what all you are up to.

Stay warm...xxoxox :)


i have the same issue with typepad, sometimes they just wont load for me, and it infuriates me, but i think it has much to do with my lack of RAM.

im the same as you in relation to your contemntment with hermitude, yet having to occasionally dip my toes into the social stream, the real world beyond my own imaginings. i also have a friend who is urging me to get my art about more, and i sure need a nudge i can tell you! im glad you enjoyed the experience, it would be amazing for the uk etsy crowd to all meet up at some point, like all of us;)

and i must yell how much i ADORE my new headband, really honestly truly, you are a very talented individual!

keep your nose warm:)


Gillian, I have no doubt you will rise to the occasion and get lots of work done for the craft fair. I am much in the same situation, but I do most of my best work under pressure!

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