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Oh my gosh, your artwork is stunning! Thanks so much for posting to my blog...I just discovered your beautiful shop of artwork and your super cool blog.


Congratulations on your productive week! Your owl piece is beautiful, & as you say it's so dynamic...lots of movement & intensity & a really powerful design.


Don't you just love that feeling of artistic productiveness?! :) Glad to hear you've been feeling inspired and getting projects done! The owl piece is gorgeous--I love the intense shading around the wings. Beautiful.


I love that owl so much, gorgeous! I've got Inspire Me Thursday on my blog roll, I really should actually do one of the challenges at some point! Hope you're enjoying the rest of your weekend C x

Karen Beth

How wonderful that you have been so inspired to create lately! Isn't that a wonderful feeling?

Love the snippet from your sketchbook. The owl image is amazing!


Karen Beth :)

P.S. Sorry I've not been around for all your posts this week. I've been on vaca, as you know. Will try to keep up with them better from here on. :)


You're producing beautiful new work, it's a lovely pleasure to share in this. Your owl is particularly special - I love the combination of writing and paint. Have a super-creative week ahead:)


darling you know how proud I am of you and how much I love these pieces!!!!


This is totally goregeous! I love birds of all kinds and owls are so magnificant! You captured their spirit so well here. I love your lines and your use of mixed media. The writing adds so much espeically since owls are known for their wisdom. Thank you for sharing this lovely piece!

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