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a small change each month is still good, don;t beat yourself up!!!

I too have slacked on my "going for walks" thing, I have only gone on a couple, and I have lived here a month.


I love that bag!!


Bloomers and petticoats are regular attire here, as well! :) I'm itching for cooler weather so add stockings and boots to that mix! Your lovely!


Oh my! Thank you for the blog award nomination! I really appreciate all who have stopped by to read about my Europe trip.

The tote bag is lovely! I like prototypes because you get to keep them if they aren't just right!

I think you should tell your bookbinding instructor that you became creative and tried tea-dying the cover!


I love the idea of having individually made accessories featuring your artwork - and will enjoy seeing all your work in progress - the prototype bag looks fab. You've also reminded me to look at local craft fairs - I need to check that out quickly. I wish you a successful weekend:) Cathy

Stephanie G.

I am so excited about you combining your artwork with your accessories. What a wonderful idea! I cannot wait to check out the ones you have posted in your shop by now! I really do not need any more bags because I have been on an Etsy bag spree this year, but I don't know how I will resist one that has your artwork on it!
I am doing the same thing - as many shows as possible between here and Christmas. Let's crank it up and see what happens!

I have also been terrible about the "small change" posts and I have slid back on all but a few that I already made. Oh well. We are both doing the best we can, are we not?

And finally, I cannot wait to go check out these other blogs you listed.

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