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Gillian, I think we are going through the same thing with the part time job looming.....our new place is so expensive that what I was making before just does not seem to cut it now...yikes.

I am hoping to put it off until after Christmas and then just hope for the best.

that dress is stunning, I saw it on flickr.


The dress is beautiful-you are a very talented costume designer! Wonderful to hear about the possible other commissions, too.

Hope you have fun this week, getting back in the swing of creating your lovely artwork!

Zann Carter

Hello, Gillian - I wanted to thank you for your kind words on my blog post of this morning. I am so touched that my poetry moved you and appreciate very much your taking a moment to let me know.

I've only had a moment to look about at your work, and I'm quite taken by it. I'll bookmark and come back when I can browse your blog and etsy shop.

Thank you again!

Stephanie G.

The dress is wonderful for Maid Marian!
Book binding does seem like a natural thing for you to be moving into. Enjoy your class!
I am sure the finances will work themselves out - I hate to think of you with less time to create!


Your medieval dress is amazing!

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