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your poster is beautiful, I am going to make one later today....I was just going through my list!!!

now get to packing!!

(coming from me....the girl who should be packing but is quite a joke)

Karen Beth

So many of our favorites are the same. Just wish I had the cash to buy them all! :)


I make myself "to do" lists all the time and I always think that I make the list in order to ignore it. I wish you well with the packing!!


lovely treasury, indeed! : )


Hey, thanks! I've just spotted a couple of things in there, I am so touched! I've never made a treasury before, I think I will have a go at the weekend.

A Fanciful Twist

Lovely!!!!! list. Of course, I didn't spot themime for a few seconds. then I was all smiles... hehehe. Packing packing packing. Don't you wish fairies would come in, pack you, deliver it to the new place, and put it away in an organized fashion?? xxoxoxo

Black-Eyed Suzie

Very nice list, and I love your new shop - especially the lacy collar. Your latest illustrations are beautiful - so pretty and yet haunting (my favourite combination!) As usual, I'm drawn to the one of marionette, doll-child halfling.

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