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that is a beautiful photo!!!!!! Oh and Congrats, Congrats, Congrats!!!!

you have the ring now??? We will need a photo of the ring!!


Congratulations to you and Mark on your engagement! How wonderful! Have you set the date yet?

Can't wait to see the trip photos!

Stephanie G.


This thought just hit me like a brick: I cannot wait to see the dress you design for yourself!

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

Glad you are back and that it was lovely!!!!


congratulations indeed!

all the very best from me and my kitten xxx


Awww thank you thank you!! Wonderful to be away but good to be back!

The Stiletto Effect

Congratulatios sweety :)
btw you have a lovely blog

A Fanciful Twist

Engaged? Well, stick it into gear, pronto! heheheehe. Yippee. Congrats... I am getting hives for you, but very very excited. Remember, I am your comittmentphobe friend. I love my boy (or old man, in my case), but, you just can't take Pipi down the aisle.... unless she is the one in giant springy shoes (yes, with springs in the soles) throwing flowers at people. And, no, I don't mean petals, but big honking flowers. Wanting to be sweet, she secretly wails them at people, hitting mean aunt Gertrude smack across the face with a big fat flower. Oops, I am getting carried away.. Anyhow.... I am delighted for you! I can be a flower girl?? I insist, no really, I insist... hahahaha.

Jungle Dream Pagoda

Congratulations Gillian!!!!How lovely!


Congratulations!!! It sounds like a lovely holiday was the perfect time to get engaged!!! I am so excited for you!!

Ali J

Congratulations on your engagement! That's so exciting!!! Yes I agree with the other posters - a ring picture is definitely needed. Thankyou for your comments on my blog, I'm so glad that you like my work and that I'm a kind of role model. ~blushes~ I must say that I absolutely adore your work!! I hearted your etsy shop a while back.

Have a gorgeous day! xox


Congratulations! And ps- you're on the front page of etsy right now.

Karen Beth

Beautiful photo! I'm so glad that you had a nice time on your vacation!

And... CONGRATULATIONS! What an exciting time. I'm happy for you, dear. :)

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