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Happy Birthday Gillian! Sounds like you had some nice birthday celebrations and have some wonderful, relaxing plans for the next few weeks! Hope you enjoy!

Your swap surprise is gorgeous and certainly seems to fit your style exactly!

Glad you are feeling better!


What an absoultely exquisite piece: to think about those beads, which must have each been sewn on individually, by hand...! Mind-blowing.

Happy birthday! And, BTW - I've tagged you for a meme:


Happy Birthday Darling Girl!!!!!!

I am glad you have your holiday coming up and you are feeling better for that.


Karen Beth

Happy HAPPY birthday to you!!! Sounds like you had a delightful one. :) I recently saw Little Miss Sunshine for the first time too. It was good.


Karen Beth :)


Happy Belated Birthday!!! I am sorry you are getting over a cold. I hope you feel better soon!!


Another happy belated birthday!

I too love Reform, and the general comradery of the uk etsy gang (i know that was possibly spelt wrong, but what the hell:)

and there's nothing worse than a cold in the summer! Urrrg!

Hope you are feeling much better now:)


You have a nice site. I found you through A fanciful Twist.
I'll be back!

Vanessa V

OOoo, stone walls? Did you say stone walls?? And Mark off on holiday??? Mr. Lovee leaves Thrusday for his own holiday too! Yipppeee! :) Well, not totally yippee.. but yippe enough... :) I am sooo glad you are finally over that crud! And, what a lovely time you described... I want to stay in pj's and relax the rest of the summer...xoxoxo




I just stumbled onto your blog, and your stuff is WONDERFUL!!! I love the style of painting you do! I have to go back and read now--I was too busy looking at pictures!! I am going to add you to my blog, if that's ok with you!


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