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I loved reading someone who was always scared of "fake limbs" when I was small...I find them beautiful and mysterious in your work, I love the way they play off the more innocent features of the faces...really amazing.


oh' your art and crafted corsets are a real inspiration to me...i think your art is so amazingly fabulous...the loose details and sketchy paints gives a truely dream like quality- it is unique and truely beautiful and specktacular!!! i love your blog im often here admiring your creations and so amazed by everything you produce- you have an amazingly special lucky girl x x x

i hope your nose is sticking put? hope u feel better soon x x x

x x x kazzy x x x

p.s your shop is fabulous x


I love reading your blog--you have such insight into yourself and your art. Each of your pieces reminds me that life (and beauty) are very fragile.

Feel better soon!


oh' thank you sweetness...what a lovely comment you least i get lots of smiles from my blogger friends like you huni,
i'll be o.k, things with the heart just take a bit a time to heal i think...but i'm a better person on my own...i've lost alot of confidence and need to re-build it- getting back into my art will help im sure.
i did sign up to an etsy shop called 'mermaidens' but i havent put anything in it...but i will try to.
it will not be as specktacular and as stunning as your wonderful creations though.
your art is beautiful huni,

thank you again for your kind words x x x

x x x kazzy x x x

Stephanie G.

I agree with stiletto - I think it is easy to respond to fake limbs as creepy or menacing, but in your work they are beautiful - strong and fragile all at once.

Jungle Dream Pagoda

Contradictory perhaps,but it makes perfect sense to me! I love what is soulful in the "Soul-less" about your work!
I love to read too,but have not finished a whole book in almost a year,so sad. I was about a 2o book a year reader,before kids!

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