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Vanessa V

What a lovely trip! And asking to be the wife of a lovely man, via morse code... Roooomantic! Your trip looks wonderful! The shipwreck, love it! Oh.... I am so happy for you all around! Not about the not feeling good part though. Hope you have a lovely time! xxxooo, V

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

So very glad for you!!


i love the norse code part. and i love a happy story:)

i nearly went to uni in falmouth some years ago, stayed there for a while to get the feel of it - a gorgeous place indeed, but the pastries were extremely expensive (a traditional cornish pasty!)

Looks like you had a perfect time!

Stephanie G.

Your trip sounds delightful - thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos!

Karen Beth

Oh hooray! I'm sending you requests from my personal MySpace account (Zazazu) and my business one (Recy Vintage). It is great that you have a MySpace now! :)

The proposal does sound very romantic and personalized. I think Morse Code is cool!

Beautiful photos too. Thank you for sharing!


Karen Beth :)

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