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No wonder I have trouble adding to my collection when your work sells within minutes! BRAVO, we all wish for something like that to happen, for you its reality! Thank you for the nomination - you are a treasure to think of me! I am really loving how your newest piece is coming along... so can I reserve her??? Or at least give me a little email warning as to when you will post her on etsy... Hugs...!

Stephanie G.

That wedding sounds like so much fun! And her dress sounds completely fabulous. Thanks for sharing the picture.

I don't think you should feel guilty about time away - think of all the new inspiration and great energy you will have when you get back.

Congrats on the "Thinking Blogger" award. Well deserved, I'd say!


oh that wedding dress sounds devine...the type of dress I would want i think.

also.....thank you so very much for nominating me, really it is truly wonderful.

Your new piece as you well beyond anything, truly an awe inspiring image so far.


love you


Well done on the nomination and yay for the UK etsy blog :)
That slip is beautiful, very jealous!

Karen Beth

What a beautiful post! Your friend's wedding gown is amazing! I love that! :)


you are having so much fun, and this can only be a good thing. What a curious wedding too, it looks as if you all had a thoroughly amazing time!
I really love the 'shadows' image. The stark white face, the reds, the reminds me of something akin to Shakespeare, twilight and ghosts.
A perfect combination indeed!

And thankyou for the nomination! i will have to scurry away and consider my choices now.



Congrats on your selling milestone & the thinking blogger award! Both are much deserved!


Thank you so much for your nomination and flattering comment! I am in so much shock that I had to return several times to this post to make sure that it was my blog you linked to, and not a mistake :)
Your work is beautiful, thank you again and best of all, for the intro to your blog.x


OMG! That is the most fabulous dress. Love it!

Congrats on the 100 sales! And, I would be excited to be going on holiday too so enjoy!


I love love love that dress!! : ) So frothy!


Your slip dress is gorgeous!!! I envy your find!! That wedding dress is divine. I always wanted a fun wedding dress like that. Not that i am anywhere near getting married, but I would love to have a lovely dress.


just thought i would pop back to say that i located a perfect slip at asda/walmart last night that would certainly compliment this gorgeous garment! Ignore me if this sounds crazy, but it has at east allowed me to be able to wear at least 4 of my recent dress purchases without extreme embarrasment:)


Vanessa V

All total loves! Just total loves!!! Like you!!! And that art piece you are working on! Yow! Amazing! And that bride and groom! Fantastic! and I am exclaiming too much. But I adore you to pieces! xxo

Jungle Dream Pagoda

Oh ,that BEAUTIFUL slip!!!!! i wish to see you in it when you have the perfect and satisfying to you look!I say where it with undies and go! Your art is so beautiful and inspiring to me,I hope you will not mind me sharing an image in an upcoming post I promise to honor it! I am beside myself with longing to see more of the bridal gown!Anymore pics?

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