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Very exciting news! The new home sounds wonderful! Even though it means giving up the studio, nothing beats all of your supplies in one place! I am forever running up and down to get beads, etc.

Glad the exhibition has been a positive experience for you.

I'll convo you soon about your request.

Vanessa V

Moving and your first studio post and two bedrooms and a loft?? and an update? and no shipping for bloggers?? Is it Christmas over here or what?? Oh, yippee moving to a wonderful place...

But, can you only rent there for a year at a time?? What if you want to stay in the new place forever????

Well, that is non of my business, but you sound happy, and that is all that matters!!xxo,V


im happy to hear the news, too!

and i love the new work, im quite mad about the delicacy and intricacy of your 'lines'. ....and that strange ornate fruit, is it a heart apple?



your new home sounds so perfect, exactly something I would want, exactly!!

you do sound very happy darling girl!!!!

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