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I LOVE your work! Just purchased two pieces from your etsy site. Your work is so rich with an amazing dream-like quality that I adore. I love art that has a Parisian feel... yours definitely does!

Thank you so much for sharing your art with us. I can't wait to see mine person.

All the best to you,
Venice, CA


I love your work space...someday soon, I'll photograph mine-although there is alot less of it!

How wonderful that you were invited to go to the trunk show--so was jewelstreet! How great would it be if you two could meet!

Dream big!

Thank you,too, for all of your kind comments on my blog!


Forgot to say congrats on being on the Home page!


I love your Twilight piece. Have you ever heard of the Twilight Singers? They have some good music that is nice to listen to when crafting. Not all their songs, but the majority are good easy listening. I love your work space. Can I live under your table? There are definitely not cool places like that in Tucson. Lovely work!


I love, love, your studio!!! You should add a but more eye candy to the place as well, I love the photos on the walls, but perhaps some half done sketches and things that are drying, set up a shelf for them.

That us what I did, and once I get your cards they will be there too.

jungle dream pagoda

I am soooo thrilled to be able to see your studio! I can just see the doll parts hanging from the cielings! The absolute BEST kind of eerie/beautiful. You need a comfy ,but beautiful couch or chaise,for contemplating your ideas,I'll bet that woyuld make you never leave!


Gillian, what a treat to see where you work! You are lucky to have such glorious light... I really enjoyed hearing about your process too, wonderful to see all those Inspiration clips hanging up... and those unfinished 'antiqued papers' are truly yummy... perhaps you can give us a demo sometime? I am very very tempted by your puppet piece, but will hold out to see your other works - I think... I cannot wait to see what you will create 3/d - doll like - in your fabulous studio!!! So when do we get to see a photo of you???


i love your studio! if only i had THIS much space to begin with i would be happy!

and i relate to what you say about your work too - it is wonderful when this feeling reaches us, when we can see the direction the work is taking, and it has reached that stage of perfectly expressing the worlds within our minds.
so many reasons to celebrate!
and the new work is delightful indeed, haunting, ethereal yet elegant.
just beautiful!


Your workspace is much cleaner than mine. Seems larger too. Your dream of a studio is the same as mine except I have the house I just need to rebuild the back addition. No small task indeed.

Trunk show! Hooray! My team is having a trunk show in June. Isn't this so much fun? I hope you get to go.


It is really fun to see your studio!

And this is my favorite sentence of the day:

"It has been a great day here in Nottingham...."

I am sure you are as sick of people getting excited about the Nottingham/Robin Hood thing as I am about the Lancaster/Amish thing, so deepest apologies to you. But that sentence really did give me a thrill.

(feeling like such an idiot now.)


I really, really love this piece. I really want to buy an original painting from you. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can get this one.


You studio is so inspiring! And how amazing if you all got to do an Etsy show!!: )

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