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I've just bought the most inexpensive thing in your shop - so beautiful I could no longer resist. (Though why couldn't I have been the 100th buyer? Hehe) Good luck with your art journalling (which reminds me to plan a post about art journals on Idle Dreaming), I tend to have a similar problem though my personal one is that in my art journal I write too much and do barely any drawing.


i love 'celestial dreamers' - so perfectly haunting and elegant. in fact, i am extremely fascinated by your drawing seems to reveal more and more on each viewing. like a story unfolding in itself:))


Gypsy Purple-Chamara

Great idea..this idea--thing...

Karen Beth

You are still keeping up with it! Hooray! I love your plan to sketch in your sketchbooks. Good goal. I feel the same nervousness about my journals, for some reason. I always WANT to write in them but I always feel so much pressure to write just the RIGHT things or to get what is in my head ALL out onto the page or in JUST the right format. I put so much pressure onto myself over these journals that they turn into something more stress-producing than stress-relieving. Odd, yes. I really do need to work to overcome that.

I LOVE Irene Suchoki's work and have several of her pieces hearted as well, including the one you pictured here. It is just amazing.

Hope you have a lovely weekend and that you reach 100 sales! Wahoo!


Karen Beth :)

Karen Beth


Meant to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 100 Things to Inspire You list. THANK YOU for sharing that! :)

Jungle Dream Pagoda

You probably have,but just in case you haven't,have you ever seen Frida Kahlos journal?It is quite spectacular,and available for purchase! I think I bought my copy at a half price book store.It is printed exactly as she wrote and illustrated it,and the back half has a translation and commentary. I think you would find it inspiring,I love your page,and that 1st little sprite with the heron!


I love birds as companions. I always believe that birds are special secret friends. They see everything from up in the sky, they know things we don't. Don't feel bad that you were feeling sorry for yourself. We all need those moments in order to encourage us to move up to the next step!

Vanessa V

I am excited for your move too!!! Yippee!!! feeling happy about wher you are going to live is a really wonderful thing! Love what you are up to. Sketch/journal away, don't be afraid, looks like you are doing very well! Irene's work is incredible! And yes, I noticed Jenn's shnge! Love the avatar! So demure! xxxxooo


Wonderful. It is great to hear about your sketchbook challenge. That is kind of on my to do list too for the very same reason.

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