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Gypsy Purple--Chamara

I am positive that the fair will be great....and you have a stunning holiday to look forward too....


Hope you are having lots of sales at the craft show.

That beach house looks glorious! I bet you cannot wait!

A Fanciful Twist

Oh, my darling girl! How I send well wishes your way :( Hope you feel better!

But, I must say, the idea of a holiday is wonderful!!! And that 30's chalet is wonderful! Now, you must make sure to pay a visit to Tori (amos) as she resides in Cornwall...And, since she might be on tour, why don't you just sneak in and peak at all her treasures?? Okay, you might get arrested.. hee he... Just ring the doorbell...Tell her, you are there for tea and any proper lady would serve you tea, no matter what level of a Goddess she might think she is..... :) LOVE U!!! xxo,V


oh boy, and i had you tagged for the '10 things' expose!
please dont feel the need to do it if you are so busy..
im sending you tons of goodluck wishes for the craft fair!


my darling gill, what a wonderful little place!!

you will have a beautiful time, and I agree, a visit home to the family does not count as a holiday.


That looks just lovely! Your a lucky girl!

Also, I chose you to be "tagged" and list 7 little facts about yourself ( only if you wish, of course.)

Here is my post about it:


Can I come to the beach, too!!??!! Please? I hope you feel better.


Oh, the beach house looks great! Have a wonderful time there!

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