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You know what's funny...once I enjoy reading a blog, it always feels "real" to me. Real is all about the bad & the good! Maybe, I'm different, but nothing turns me off. I feel like I get to know the real person that way!

Karen Beth

I doubt that you are in danger of scaring anyone off. It is indeed very "real" to have down days and to feel some days like things just aren't going right. If you were to never post about that and if you never let others know about that, THAT is what wouldn't be "real". I just hope that you feel better soon. I think we all get to places where we don't really know what exactly to do with ourselves. Shopping and a haircut were very good things for you to do today. Big hugs sent your way!


Karen Beth :)

Jungle Dream Pagoda

I say write as you wish,I always do,and folks may choose or not choose to visit me,I guess ,we all write for ourselves ultimately,just sort of sharing our online journals and musings. I do hope you feel better. Love the little girl you chose to share today.


gillian, don;t ever feel bad about letting us in, that is what this is all about right? Consider it you needing to vent to your girlfriends or co workers, never stifle yourself, we love you!!!


Feel better soon! As to advice on being gracious and 'real' without scaring blog readers off with depressing posts, I just started gradually writing more and more about my life (which sometimes is depressing, yes, when I vent about it) and my blog readers hopefully got used to it. It's your blog after all...

A Fanciful Twist

Oh, C'mon! I love you because you are real! So ya got some pain! You need to talk about it!! It is a big deal and no need to be all fluffy flouncy! Better to be real! I spy my little owl girl.. Just when I thought noone would like her...You did!!! Lots of hugs and well wishes!!! Cxxxooo


ah, i think we will let you off if you have to do a spot of shopping:) you deserve it.............and so do i, haha!

and that image.....i am dying to know the story behind those hands!

Stephanie G.

Oh, I always come in after everyone else has already said such nice encouraging things leaving me to repeat them or just say, 'What they said."

Well, we read your blog to get to know you better and because we love your art and because there is something in you that we recognize in ourselves (or vice versa?). So, let it all hang out, sister! Be real - we can take it.


this is life, the good & the bad, how unrealistic if we only post the good~ although I want to hear about the good things happening in your life & wish no one had to endure dayz of depression, but this is life~

I adore your newest art pieces, they are astounding!! xo!! ~Bella

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