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Congratulations on your art sales! I, personally, think they are well deserved. I love your art work. It has always reminded me of certain art masters whose names I seem to have forgotten. You could and should definitely be an artist, but don't stop doing the costume design because that in itself is artistry.


Gillian, you re incredibly talented, please don;t doubt yourself, the pieces you are putting up are blowing me away...each and everyone of them!!!

You amaze me, truly you do.



Wow! How did I miss these? You obviously have another steady buyer!!! Your work is incredible, and I really really apreciate the background (pun intended!) on your health history etc. It makes these pieces that much more powerful... I for one, am glad you still want to be an artist, its in your soul and certainly in your heart... Gentle hugs to you! and please do put more on etsy (but let me know...!)


That's fantastic news! I'm so glad that you are finding the positive side to your 'condition'. I wouldn't be where I am now (wherever that is) if it wasn't for the fact I had a breakdown nearly three years ago and had to start from scratch. Without the luxury of being too ill to work I would never have been able to start making my own work again. I feel that in many ways it was the best thing that ever happened to me. And was there ever any doubt that you were an artist?!

jungle dream pagoda

This is a most brilliant and fascinating peek into the artists psyche! I find the Faust costume design and conceptual ideas fascinating! I am wondering which deadly sin is depicted here(vanity is my feeble guess). I would imagine theatres to line up to hire you,but perhaps their budget cannot afford you. the paintings are beautiful,and cannot help reminding me (along with your story) of Frida kahlo. she was studying to be a doctor when her accident happened that landed her in bed for was it 1 or 2 years?All she could do to pass the time was paint with a mirror and special canvas over her bed.More posts like this please!!!!


Wonderful post--thank you for sharing that insight. I think your back is reminding you that you are first and foremost an artist, whether it be your drawings or your cuffs, brooches, etc. Your marionette drawings are my particularl favorites.

Congrats on the sales--you are most deserving of every one!

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