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Sandra Eileen Artisan Jewelry

That's pretty good 98% resisting reading your horoscope. I condsider that success.

Are you interested in trading links. I am,


lovely as usual.

I too have not dyed my hair in a very long time, I have the greys to prove it!

also I always frown too, which is why I have a severe crease on my forehead, I am not always sad, just a very serious girl, even when I was small.

I love all your new work it is taking all my will power to keep from buying the new masquerade piece!!!

I love you, feel better.


Oh yet more tempting things for me to buy! How could I resist??? Coulnd't get the coupon to work, oh well, will just have to buy something else soon! Love your first 5 - grandmother but not mother - hmmm, wonder if thats even possible? And I DO think you have a personal style going! I can't put it into words, but I LOVE it!


We are very alike in our art. So much so that we might even be having the same dreams....Strange blond boys who grew up to be weird, and all...(M.C.) Now, I must say, we are so on the same wave it is scary....I sold a puppet holding and empty birdcage at the show....Are we sharing wave lengths of the mind??? How exciting! I think your work is devine! It is good to have varied styles! Go with it, you are brilliant! Your colors, your details....They are exquisite!!! xxo,Vanessa I mean, we might not be visually the same in our art, but the idea.. the creative consiousness.. I feel it...


I adore your marrionette drawings!!

I, too, feel that my work is inconsistent and I worry all the time that it is not professional enough. I hope to find the middle of the road & take myself and my "art" more lightly!


Gypsy Purple-Chamara

May you and your family have a blessed and happy Easter

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