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Vanessa V

You were soooooo just describing me... "No, I'll do the dishes my self, just, get out of my way..." Yes, these are my words sometimes, and my brain is screaming, stop being soo mean, there is not reason, ans my mouth is shooting of like, "PInnnnnnng, piiiiing, ping." I know. But, then there is the love, and they get us, and that is the treasure. Your work is unbelievable. You are an amazing artist. And, I am so glad that it is you, part of you, deeply you. That is the only way you should ever share it. xxo, Vanessa


You should always be honest to your art because, if not, then it becomes work. I think the Obstinate Child is perfect.

Oh, and congrats on being on the front page the other day! I would've gotten you a screenshot but forgot how to do it on this computer.


gillian, you and I are so similar...this post was like reading my own very thoughts.

I have been doing the full time artsy thing for almost 5 months now, and I am still trying to work on a schedule that seems "right".


love you


You are so insightful! And so attuned to yourself. I'm going to take lessons from you!

jungle dream pagoda

I love the way you have synthesized this little scenario into the perfect refletion of your inner child! I am wondering what you think you SHOULD draw. That drawing might turn out to be the darkest of all.


I do the same thing to my sweet husband all the time. I think I need "The Obstinate Child" hanging in my house as a little cautionary reminder.

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