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your writings are always so inspiring my dear~ I wish you grand luck with your new weekly "small changes".

just wanted to let you know that you & Jennifer have inspired me to get some of my art uploaded in my etsy store that has sat vacant for so long....thanx!!

xo ~Bella


Oh, I have often wondered if I am saying too much, not enough, not interesting, too revealing AND then, I just decided to be me!

I really enjoy reading your blog and am glad I found it through Stiletto & Jewel.

I am always fighting the weight battle, too. I try to do 20 minutes on the elliptical everyday, as well as floor exercises for my back. Maybe we can inspire each other to continue?!


What a wonderful idea! Wish I could come walk with you - we'd have so much to talk about!!! Love your new work, especially the sold one (darn!). I am really excited for you and can't wait to see what you will create next!


good luck with your plans, and especially the latest one - you seem entirely positive, so i cannot see it failing!

the works are amazing, by the way. i love them both:)

Vanessa V

Oh Gillian my darling. I adore your idea. Small changes that will make an overall huge difference. Oh, I have sooo many things to change. Where would I begin? I have the mentality of a 5 yeard old about taking my toys out and not putting them back for up to a year. It is overwhemling and hinders the creative process. Perhaps I should try little changes with you? I adore you. I have told you, you are so honest and real. Special and wonderful! xxo, Vanessa


I am in love with the Annabelle Lee piece!!!!

I missed you!!!

jungle dream pagoda

I am loving Annabell Lee,and your wee dark one. Annabell Lee always makes me think of Maryann Faithful,and her BEAUTIFUL recitation of that poem. Have you heard it? I love you wee small changes idea. I feel to disorganized to implement it in my blog,as I am trying to organize!
I wanted to share onelast idea. My hub and I began practicing the SouthBeach principle almost 2 years ago. The book (the Southbeach Diet) is a great read,an the diet is super easy to follow,and truly heathy. I think you could even treat yourself with your beloved walnut cake.I do think the small changes you have made are wonderful! They will add up.

Karen Beth


I've read your blog off and on before but linked here today from Steph's blog.

I love this post and the concept of making small but significant changes. How is your endeavor going? Are you still walking? Still keeping only one sugar in your coffee? I plan to pop over to your main page after posting this comment to look for updates.

I, too, have back problems. (I have scoliosis and had a reconstructive spinal fusion in 1994.) I find that yoga helps me more than ANYTHING and has literally been a lifesaver for my back. Have you ever tried it? Just a thought...

Wishing you all the best and excited to follow your progresses!

Karen Beth :)

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