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Gillian, your new banner is lovely! Jenn did a great job showing off your beautiful artwork!

Congrats and much luck on your new mintd store!

Our Easter was lovely and peaceful. Our daughter adores dark chocolate (she's 14)so that's what her basket was filled with. I love it, too! There is one kind with nuts & blueberries-yum. Hope she opens that package, soon!

I've been tagged! Well, I will do my best. Not sure I know 10 more to tag!


Glad you had a wonderful easter! We did too... Can't wait to see what new and wonderfully tempting art you will have in your 'shop' soon! Hugs to you!


Oh Gillian,
You are so wonderful and real and heartwarming!

I am so glad I am not alone in the humiliation outfit world. The things my mother would make me wear. Oh my... I sometimes think back and want to die all over again....I am totally thrilled that I am not alone! And, maybe, more people feel like that than admit it?

I must answer my tag! I forgot! Oh no!!!

Love my visits to you....Just love, xxo,Vanessa


I love reading your facts about you, seriously busted out laughing when I got to the part about the cake.

we are sisters in our love of sweets.

thanks for the banner mention too, I am so glad you like it, I was nervous.



oh my! how shocked I am to see my name, tagging me :) how fun...I will work on it this week~

enjoyed reading yours!!

xo ~Bella

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

Oh my word....what are you doing to me....have done this one before, but sure I can sqeeze out a few more
My easter was lovely thanks...just relaxing with family and WAY to much chocolate!!!!!


Love your blog Gilfling......ooooh I have to think about 10 things I can reveal to the world now that you have tagged me!!

jungle dream pagoda

Good ol' Edvard Greig! I sang one of his songs for contest one year and did quite well! I think the name was My Johann. I need to get on my 10 things ,perhaps I'll break it up like you!


What a great post!

I love your new banner. It's going to make your shop even more beautiful. I like that Mintd site. I will have to keep that in mind.


wanted to share this with you...wondering if you saw this!?

they are mentioning you, Jennifer & me!

xo!! ~Bella


OOOh this is the first time i've been tagged on my blog- how I need to think of some answers!

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