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Gillian you are just so sweet!!!!!! Thanks for saying those really nice things about my work!

I am so excited to see then progress on the corset project!!!

love you


Oh Gillian. You are a lovely human being. Hate to know you have pain, but so glad to know and that you are so real. I enjoy your writing, your questioning out loud....Why the heck do I blog again? I don't know but I LOVE IT! Stunning Jen pieces! See you for a cake and coffee one day for sure. xxo, vanessa

jungle dream pagoda

You know ,its true,I am beginning to want to meet my bloggy buds face to face. I love that you use your site also for self reflective journaling! As for me,I did not even have E-mail until Feb of 06,I didn't use it until June 06,so one of my main reasons was to use blogging as a muse to learn the computer! I have post 100 coming up and shall reveal these reasons and more!looking forward to seeing your Jen collaberation.

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