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I love the cuffs. Love them. I'm checking out your shop.


OOh thank you so much Katie!


I can't wait to hear about your project with Stiletto!

I sing too so you are not alone. The problem is I know I do it, and I know I can't sing. lol. Your items for the Showcase are superb! I especially like the armwarmers. The buttons are a great touch.


Thanks so much Aimee - the showcase didn't go that well unfortunately - no sales and not even sure if I got many views!


Project with stiletto heights???Interesting!!! I have been painting since 5:30 a.m. so I am a little blind and dislexic right now. sorry. So, first of all the gulping is hilarious. I have a habit, due to small hands, that is very 5 years old also. I always clasp both of my hands around a cup while I drink. Everyone laughs. I don't realize it either. And the singing. Well, I seem to have a problem whislting. My dad, when I am visiting home, hollers down the corridor, you are whistling.... It is funny. a funny sort of girl we are. but lovely all the more.???


Oh my goodness Vanessa - 5.30am!!!! I don't know whether to be envious or get you some help! Or maybe I should take inspiration and just get myself up earlier! My small hands are the bane of my life and cause all sorts of difficulties. It's kind of like the top section of all my fingers have been chopped off, short and stubby is not really conjusive (sp?) to all sorts of art and craft.


Hi, I swear I just heard you singing?? Out loud??? My Bolgna has a first name, its... Was that you?? You said commercials... Oh, why ask, you won't even know if you were singing!! hee hee... So, I will just say, I think I heard you! How are you???


Singing? But what singing my dear? It wasn't must be mistaken!

When the moon hits the sky, like a big pizza pie......... tra la la leeee

I am well! I am off to paint, having been inspired by your beautiful blog... and then I shall have something to post on my blog tomorrow, tra la leeee!


Gillan I thought I left a really long comment about this.....did I send that to you in a convo???

I am so confused.

anyway, I am so exited for the project and the fact that you gulp like that I just find oh so beautiful.



Hi!!!! Happy V-day!! How are you???? I adore your visits!!

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