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Gillian my darling!!

When I read about your pain and your insecurity, you echo my thoughts and feelings, it is eerie.

I have a bad knee, years of therapy and surgery...and still I am in pain, very much over the past two weeks (yet I still wear high heels).

That along with so much stress are the things that make my dear bf and I quarrel...

why are we so hard on ourselves?

I love you, and I believe that you are lovely and talented...hope this brings a smile from across the ocean.


Jenn, your comments did indeed bring a smile to my heart and soul! You are truly wonderful and the thought of a friend across the sea is lovely. xxx


You are a true and sweet soul. I call my little love in my life Mr. Lovee. he is a delight and sounds like Mark. Letting me be monstrous and wild and letting me cry in his arms and then smile with me after the cry..Sometimes he cries with me too...Your descriptions of your two lovely days are fantastic. And Jane Eyre?? I knew exactly what to envision. There is beauty all around you, and riches that money can not buy. And, yes, a clothing rack that does not fall every time you sneeze by it is Wonderful! I should know.

Gypsy Purple--Chamara

Love your post and would like to see the wardrobe


When the humdrum of everyday life gets me and my boyfriend down, we always take some time to isolate ourselves from the world. We found a card in a souvenir shop once that said: "I would rather be doing nothing with you, than something without you." We adopted that motto. So, I think, sometimes it is better to spend time alone together at home. PLUS, you can wear pajamas and be more comfortable just the two of you. I must say that cuff is absolutely lovely in a most fantastic way.

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